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I got my admissions decision today, and I’ve been admitted to Harvard! Thank you for all of your help! – J. W.

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[Our son] was accepted by Stanford and USC. He was also accepted by Georgia Tech. – J. P.

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Your help really paid off. I got into Columbia! Thank you, thank you, thank you! – G. S.

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Admitted into Duke! It would not have been possible without you! I am very grateful! – M. K.

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I’m delighted to confirm that [our son] will be attending Dartmouth! Thanks for your impact! – L. L.

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I got a full-tuition scholarship in addition to National Merit! – J. W.

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I’ll be attending Ross at UM this fall. I couldn’t have done it without you. – Z.

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You rock! You helped our daughter knock it out of the park. Thank you with all our hearts, The C. Family

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[He] is enjoying and flourishing at NYU. I continue to recommend your service. – E. D.

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The whole process was completely stress-free and I’m very happy with the end result. – E. G.

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I just wanted to let you know that I was accepted to Johns Hopkins! Thank you for all of your help!! – M.

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They are very familiar with the application process and their expertise shows in the areas they focus on. – J.

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I got accepted into UChicago! Undoubtedly that’s my dream school! I cried so much. Thank you so much! –B.

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This was a tremendous help throughout the whole process. – The M. Family

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You made what can be a very stressful process fun and enlightening for her and we are very grateful. – L. D.

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I got into UT’s McCombs School of Business! Thanks! – A. L.

Asset 96

Just found out I was accepted ED to WashU! As much as I think it was a mistake, I am far too happy to make sure! – J.

Asset 65

Since starting, he seems so relaxed and happy, and he is spending more time downstairs with us. – Valerie

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[Before,] I felt really insecure about whether I was on the right track or not. Thanks a lot!! – M. C.

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He got into virtually every school on his list, with merit aid, so it’s clear this stuff really makes a difference. – V. M.

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He’s been getting accepted everywhere: Lehigh, Miami, UMD, College of Charleston, and Tennessee. – Amy

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Your advice and guidance really helped me. Thank you! – C. R.

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I could not get my daughter to be motivated. This was a great asset. Thank you! – K. P.

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I feel much more confident in my application! – M.

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It was a great experience for him! I will definitely be referring this to family and friends! – M.A.H.

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Thank you for all the wonderful things you made me accomplish. I am eternally grateful for your help. – G.

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[My son] was awarded the Scarlet & Dean Scholarships and got into NYU, Carnegie Mellon, BC, Emory… – J. Z.

Asset 97

I think this really helped [my daughter] present herself in the best light. – L. N.

Asset 58 (1)

[Besides] the BA/MD Program, she was accepted by Rice, UT-Austin, Hopkins, and BU. – R.M.

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I was accepted into their Honors Program and received their trustee scholarship!!! – S. R.

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HC_Icon_Teal Traditional college prep Websites & Apps
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Curriculum created with adolescent therapists check-mark@2x
Essay workshops by admissions writing experts check-mark@2x
Cringe-free content edited by students check-mark@2x
Emphasis on minimizing debt check-mark@2x
Inclusivity across race, income & LGBTQIA+ identity check-mark@2x
Support up through the critical 1st year of college check-mark@2x
Unbiased information free of commercial influence check-mark@2x
No advertising or profiting off student data, ever check-mark@2x
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Meet the Team


Anna Sharp

Founder & Curriculum Developer


As a low-income high schooler, access to college counseling filled Anna with hope for the future and opened up unimagined doors, starting with a full scholarship to Duke. After graduation, a fellow Blue Devil gave Anna another game-changing assist by helping her land a dream job at The Oprah Winfrey Show, where she got to create the first online classroom for Oprah’s Book Club. To share her enthusiasm for digital learning and the written word with young people, Anna started an essay tutoring service in 2012. It opened her eyes to current inequities in college counseling and evolved into HeyCollege, the first college access mobile app. The app draws on Anna’s graduate-level training at Columbia University (Advanced Certification in College Advising). She’s a proud member of the National College Attainment Network and lives in Chicago with her college sweetheart and two children.


Eva Okon

Student Advisory Board Chair


Eva’s love of computer science and technology, her commitment to accessibility and disability rights, and her passion for mentorship inspire her board leadership. Selected by Google as a young tech leader for Code Next Connect, Eva loves being inspired by her Google mentors—and wants to inspire and support younger students every chance she gets! A senior at the Laurel School in Shaker Heights, Ohio, Eva credits her amazing teachers with helping her every step of the way and motivating her to pursue AP coursework, make an impact with her extracurriculars, and tackle her college applications, all while caring for her grandmother who has a mobility disability. Eva’s concern for others and love of learning greatly enrich the HeyCollege community, and we will be so excited to find out where she decides to go this fall!


Radina Cheleva, MSW

Adolescent Therapist


As a master’s level social worker, Radina loves connecting teens with the resources they need to reach their goals. This background also allows her to work more effectively with students who are navigating mood and anxiety symptoms, ADHD, dyslexia, or autism. Radina’s work history includes leading psycho-educational and therapeutic groups for adolescents, where she utilizes evidence-based methods such as DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy) and a warm, action-oriented style to increase motivation and help teens thrive. Radina is excited to bring the resources she uses in private high-level care to HeyCollege students of all incomes.

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